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Well, since I have been gone, I have heard of great commotion in the realm of the Tiger. It seems, that his Swedish Viking Gal,  Elin Nordegren took a golf club to his ass for cheating, he crashed some big expensive Cadillac, and then the shit fell through the roof.
I don’t remember when it all first broke out, but that’s not what this article is about, its about “Tigerness”, no matter how big and bad he may seem, one cannot forget, he still a cute little kitten. No matter how big and bad his golf game was, no matter how much money he had, and no matter how much pubic hair he shaved off, he was still fritz the cat.
Lets face the facts, Tiger, despite his millions, is a slump, he is an omega-dreg in a way that is so HARD core. I mean, just listen to the way he spoke to his whores ( that is what you have to be in order to go down on the Tiger, right?? ), any man knows, a whore is not his equal, and many suspect, no western women are there equal in dignity, ( but possibly in function ). But just listen to him talk to her like she is his mother, like a boy who just got his hand caught in the cookie jar, taking to many pussy’s out and then dropping one on what would just happen to be his wife’s feet ( And it was when she looked down on the pussy/cookie that fell on her feet, she got the golf club, his most powerful iron dick-substitute. )
And, he is in such bad taste of women too, such ugly whores, I mean, even if your an omega-dreg, Cmon!!!, you have got BILLIONS!!, go buy yourself one of those “Empire” girls like Elliot Spitzer.
Rachele Utichel
Another One
Another One
The really Ugly one he banged in a church parking lot
The Junkers JU 88 Flying wing
SHE WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ugly Porno slut number 1
Ugly Implant-boob porno slut number 2
OHHHH, it still may not be over, but my question knowledge is, would this happen to some real Alpha, like George Cloney, or some fag chicks love like, like Johny Depp, ………NO, that’s because women would always want the opportunity to get another chance……
But no one wants to get another chance at anything but the Tigers money. And that is fact.
PS. I have found it interesting that he never choose to fuck anyone but pieces of trashy shit ( they go to the porno stars because they don’t complain about ruff anal, just sayin ). I mean come on, he could have at least gone to Russia or Ukraine to get some quality, some class…….but that tells me a lot about the Tiger, when given the opportunity for class and quality he will go for the feces with an open hole to fuck. ( Even Elin is a piece of Swedish shit, look at this youtube vid, and you will see that both Russia and Sweden birth much more attractive women than anything Tiger has tapped )
PPS. And that brings me to my second point, brought to me by Lady Dissident in her post on Tiger of which she will be gladly added to the blog-roll for upon request; I ( and others ), think Tiger is quite the racist. He must really hate ANYBODY with a drop of ethnicity in them ( Even the super attractive Slavs, Baltic chicks, Asians, and maybe even Germans!!! ) to go so far as to screw so many ugly pieces of American trash before even ogling at any women with an actual heritage. That is an especially hard blow to African Americans, I mean Cmon!!!, he already said he wasn’t black, but a strange Hybrid called a “Caublackasian”, and now he would screw so many ugly trash shit holes before looking into ANY race( other than the race of American trash ), but apparently, especially not his own.


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I have been going though the comments since I have been back, and have noticed, one little ducky stood out. His name was “Dale”and he commented on my post about the great role men played in the sexual liberation of women. And let me tell you something about “Dale”, he is the vagina man, and not in a good sense. In a well written post, to which humans seemed in mutual agreement, he chose to be the man with nads small enough to feel the need to not even refute the article, but launch an attack on ME……….. Just read it…………….

Wow, so much writing, yet all you manage to convey is that you’re a bigoted and misogynistic caveman masquerading as somehow enlightened. You’re not even worth additional words–an angry man seeing the brutish world you love ever slowly fade away. Good riddance.

I mean, is that all you had to say!!!, A jab at ME, not the article, there were so many things you could say about the article, but instead, you panhandled me a bunch of words which he probably had to use the spellchecker to type correctly.
A. I don’t “Love” anything, especially anything you describe.
B. I have never heard a male use the term “misogynistic” in that reference. Damn!
Well, I am not really sure if “Dale” is a guy, he ( She ) may just be using an alias, which is quit a good idea on the net, but in light of such..uh…I don’t even know what to say, either u have one tiny cock, or you are a “Well” of a woman.
Was this your Gender???????

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Hello, I have returned from the depths of the underworld, I have been away, and since have neglected my blog………BUT!!!! Now I am Back, and Will resume the posting of useless thoughts.

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